STEIFF  :  The World famous teddy bear manufacturer

The Steiff company really needs no introduction.........

Steiff made the world's first teddy bears in 1902 and since then no other company has come even close for such consistent quality and the range of soft toys.
Steiffs trademark - "Button in Ear" was first introduced in 1904 to protect Steiff from imitations. The first buttons were blank, followed briefly by an embossed elephant and then simply with the Steiff name. This has been a permanent and universally recognizable trademark.

Over 100 years later the name Steiff is still synonymous with quality and collectability.
Is it any wonder that Steiff teddy bears remain so prized when Steiff bears have consistently broken world records at auction?

In addition to being a Steiff Club store "Bears on the Square" are pleased to have been awarded the status of a Steiff
"GOLD BUTTON" store. This accolade has been granted to just a few shops in the UK.

We always have in stock several hundred different Steiff products. These include; teddy bears, pandas, dolls, golliwogs, cats, dogs, elephants, tigers, lions, and much much more.

Steiff licensed products also include; Disney, Beatrix Potter, Paddington, Winnie the Pooh and Rupert.

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