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"Cookies" must be enabled for certain website functions to work properly. In particular to use our on-line shopping basket.
If you have added an item to the shopping basket but it appears to be empty, please read the following....

What is a cookie and what are they for?
Web sites store information in a small text file, called a "cookie," on your hard disk. Only information you provide, can be stored in a cookie. Cookies make interaction between users and websites faster and easier They also save time and make the browsing experience more efficient and enjoyable.
Without cookies, it would be very difficult for a website to allow a visitor to fill up a shopping cart.

Are cookies dangerous and can thay threaten your privacy?
No. Cookies are not computer programs, and they cannot be executed as code. They cannot be used to circulate viruses. Allowing a Web site to create a cookie does not give that, or any other site access, to the rest of your computer, and only the site that created the cookie can read it. A Cookie is unable to read other information saved on your hard drive, or get your email address etc. They only contain and transfer to us information that you have disclosed to us.

What types of cookies are there?
There are two basic types of "cookie"...
  • Session cookies : These are are stored in the computers memory only during your browsing session and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. They are not written on the hard drive and do not collect any information from your computer. Session cookies expire when you leave our site and become inactive after 20 minutes.
  • Permanent, persistent, or stored cookies - These can be used to identify individual users, to analyse surfing behaviour, to provide information about numbers of visitors, to record average time spent on a particular page and so on.

  • We do NOT use Persistent cookies.
  • We do NOT use cookies to identify you.
  • We do NOT store personal information in a cookie.

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