TERMS AND CONDITIONS  :  Shipping costs
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Shipping and handling charges are based on the TOTAL value of an order not individual items!

  • All orders
    Regardless of destination, orders with a TOTAL value of
    75 GBPounds (approximately 100 US Dollars) or more are shipped post free.
    If your TOTAL order value is less than 75 GBPounds then we will charge an additional amount for postage.
    This is currently 4 GBPounds (approximately 5 USDollars)
    Again, this is regardless of destination.

  • Orders shipped to the EEC
    If you are in the EEC and VAT registered then we may be able to deduct the VAT from your order providing you supply us with your VAT registration number.

  • Orders Outside the UK or EEC
    Please note that for orders outside the UK and the EEC the Value Added Tax (VAT) which is included in the prices shown is used as a contribution towards shipping and handling costs.
    If the VAT element is insufficient to cover the full shipping cost we will stand the difference.

    Please click on the link "Shipping time" if you require an overseas order urgently.

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