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If you are visiting our web site for the first time we would like to extend a very warm welcome.

In addition to being a large teddy bear store set in the heart of England, we have been trading on the internet since 1996 and have welcomed many thousands of customers from throughout the world.

Our bear and golly stocks include extensive offerings from major manufacturers and Teddy bear artists.

Our on-line store features a shopping basket, secure ordering and probably the largest selection of teddy bears for sale on the web.

We have tried to make our site easy to use but before going further please take time to read the information opposite.

Browser requirements...
To take full advantage of all the facilities within our pages you will need to have the security settings on your browser to....
"Allow Cookies"
This is the default with most modern browsers so probably no need to worry about this unless you are unable to add items to our shopping basket!
If you are having problems with the shopping basket please check out this page... About Cookies
Navigating our website....
Basically, our website is split in to 2 sections......
  • The Green section - Information about us and our on-line store - This is the section you are in now.
  • The Blue section - Our on line store - Where you can buy teddy bears on-line using a shopping basket.

    Thank you for visiting us!
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