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Because we update our web site several times a day it should always reflect current availability. This means that items are available for immediate delivery unless they are clearly marked as follows...

SORRY - Temporarily out of stock
These are items which we normally keep in stock but we do not have available at this time but will have more again in the future.

NOT YET AVAILABLE - Reservations taken
These are new items which have been announced, we have on order from the manufacturer, but are not yet available.
Note that these items are often limited editions and it is advisable to order in advance since they may sell out quickly.

In both the above cases you can still order and we will e-mail you with estimated delivery dates. Should this date not be acceptable you will obviously have the option to cancel your order.

In most cases any item no longer available is removed from our web site as soon it is sold out. However, for certain limited editions, we occasionally show this message to confirm that we have sold our entire stock and cannot obtain any more. This saves you the trouble of enquiring of us whether or not it is still available.

Confirmation of orders...
Our secure order routines will automatically send you an order confirmation by email. If there is any problem with your order, for whatever reason, we will follow it up with an email or telehone call.

If you do not receive a confirmation please CONTACT US
by telephone or email.

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