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If you can find the same item for sale on the internet we will try to match the price subject to the following conditions......

  • Retailer status
    The internet site must be run by a bona fide retailer and clearly show full contact details, eg: Address etc.
    Note that most major manufacturers only supply genuine retail stores and NOT "internet only" stores - so beware of second hand goods.

  • Condition
    Items must be in new condition as supplied direct by the maker.

  • Evidence
    You must supply evidence of a lower price.
    Email us with the website address so that we can check prices.
  • Points to remember when comparing prices...

  • Discounts...
    Relevant club members (ie: Steiff) can deduct 10% off listed prices.

  • Shipping and Insurance...
    Remember that our prices normally include shipping and insurance.

  • US Dollar prices...
    The conversion rate we use is based on the rate last Saturday.
    There is a facility on our "shopping basket" to check the current US Dollar value "on-line" before you finally submit your order to us.
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